Research and Development has played a big role in Malladi's success. Our R&D centre has been recognised by Anna University , a 150-year-old premier institution in Chennai as a center for doctoral research. The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India has also recognized Malladi's R&D efforts.

We developed an indigenous process for the manufacture of Ephedrine HCl. We also have global patents on New Chemical Entities and have made great strides
Non-infringing processes, Synthesis of API's, Complex Advanced Intermediates and Biosynthesis of APIs, Intermediates and Performance Chemicals. Our research team is staffed with Scientists and Doctors in Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Microbiology and Biotechnology.

Area of Focus:

Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Reaction Capabilities:

Acylation   Iodination   Bromination
Benzoylation   Friedel-Crafts   Alkylation
Nitration   Diborane Reductions   Grignard Reaction
Esterification   Mannich Reaction   Walden Inversion
Tosylation   Methylation   N-Alkylation
Nitrosation   Thiohydroxylation   Sodium Borohydride
BOC Compounds   Uracil Derivatives   Boronic acid derivatives


Enzyme Technology
Have in-house capabilities from strain screening to Pre-clinical studies for bio-pharmaceuticals
Competencies include Bio-analytical Service, Media and Yield Optimization, Process Scale-up and Fermentation Bio-Process Development

Analytical Chemistry

Extensive Support to the Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Biotechnology Department
Evaluates the quality and develops analytical methods for all the products and intermediates synthesized
Method development and validations
Impurity Profiling, Spectral Studies, Stress Testing and Stability Studies

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